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Hair Services


Browse prices for our hair services below.

Finishing Services

Cut and finish£41.00
Cut finish and tong£42.15
Cut finish and straighten£45.95
Blow-dry and straighten£27.25
Blow-dry and tong£20.95
Shampoo and set£18.15
Cut shampoo and set£37.50
Dry Trim£18.70
Wet Cut£30.75
Gentlemans dry cut£18.70
Gentlemans cut and finish£22.35

Colouring Services

Full head Easi-meche£73.00
T-section (small)£50.75
T-section (large)£57.00
Streaks Cap£44.90
Full head tint£40.40
Re-touch tint from£34.80
Re-touch tint with refresh from£36.55
Virgin tint from£45.35
Semi permanent colour from£30.50


Perming Services

Acid perm from£56.45
L’Oreal perm from£43.25
Long hair perm Price given on consultation

Hair-Up Services

Bridal styling See Weddings


Indian head massage£35.00


Prices quoted on consultation


45 min Microscopy appointment£41.50
15 min reviewFree of charge


Cut and finish£35.10
Cut finish and straighten£40.55
Wet cut£22.95
Cap streaks£40.50
Full head easi- meche£65.00
Large section easi-meche£51.50
Small section easi-meche£45.95
Full head tint£35.95
Semi permanent colour£27.25