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Nanokeratin System

- Otherwise known as The Brazilian Blow Dry -

What is Nanokeratin System?

The revolutionary Nanokeratin System redefines the natural state of your hair and creates and enduring blow-dry lasting up to 16 weeks.

Nanokeratin System is the new generation of hair science. Based on nano-molecular cashmere keratin particles, the Nanokeratin System therapy rejuvenates and smoothes hair, resulting in healthy, silky, frizz free hair and infinite natural style.

The Nanokeratin System treatment replenishes smoothes and enhances the vitality and flexibility of your hair. It is a distinctive formula based on nano-molecular, cashmere keratin particles infused wit amino acids, and a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils. Nanokeratin System serves to hydrate your hair and embed a protective shield against toxic environmental elements. Nanokeratin System has been designed to suit different hair types and colours and is especially beneficial for damaged hair.


Bespoke Colour Consultation

- La Biosthetique Paris -

Debonhair is particularly proud of its expertise in colouring. One of their stylists has achieved a prestigious Colour Degree with La Biosthetique in Paris. There are only a few stylists within the U.K. with this standard of degree. They offer a complimentary consultation service during which their clients are given advice on the best colours to blend perfectly with their skin tone. Hair swatches are used to give the clients a better idea of what the finished result is likely to be. It is then discussed which method of application is most suitable to maintain, in conjunction with the clients lifestyle and image.



- The Hair Treatment Everyone's Talking About -

What is Olaplex?

* It is a chemical product NOT a protein or moisture based product

*It only works on the hair internally not on the outside of the hair so it does not mean other products are not needed.

*It rebuilds broken disulphate bonds that are broken due to thermal, mechanical and chemical services.

* It does not contain Silicone, Sulphates, phthalates, DEA, Aldehypes, Gluten and has NEVER been tested on animals.

* It does NOT permenantely rebuild disulphate bonds

*The ingredient used in Olaplex is called Bis-amniopropy diglycol dimatleate