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Wigs and Microscopy


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Bespoke Wig Service

- How we can help you -

Our Specialist team strive to offer a comprehensive to all of our clients, offering a professional consultation to find a bespoke wig for you in our private suite. We can advice and guide you to select the best colour, length and style.


Wig Choices

- A wide range of options -


Our wide range of wigs vary in price according to your needs some start at £80 and go up to £ 1500 so there is a wig or piece for everyone's budget.

The range of wigs we have available are the most extensive in terms of styles.

Our wigs not only come in short, medium or long styles but the inside cap of each wig can be very different.

For example you can purchase wigs that are Synthetic or real hair. Full head wefted, Part head wefted with skin partings, Part head wefted with monofilament top, Part head wefted with hand knotted top, or Hand knotted all over. Also beautiful wigs with lace filaments around the hairline to lose those seams that used to make wigs so recognisable

All of our wigs are of the highest quality and are fitted to suit your individual needs. Every effort is made to assist and advise you in making the right decision.


What to do next

- Free Consultation -


Please come and have a complimentary consultation with us. We will explain the choices to you then we can then select 3 or 4 different wigs in your colour choice. We then order your pieces and arrange a return appointment a few days later for your fitting, you may feel at this point you would like to bring a partner or friend with you we will endeavour to make the whole experience enjoyable and fun for you


La Biosthetique

- Hair and scalp diagnostic -

Separate to our other services Debonhair has two La Biosthetique hair/scalp specialists Christine and Jane within their team, who are highly trained to diagnose and successfully treat a wide range of conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. Most importantly they will be able to identify the cause.  This is achieved and sensitively handled by a thorough private consultation followed by an examination of the hair bulbs under a microscope. After the analysis, a full explanation is given to the client and if so desired a bespoke treatment regime is prescribed to be carried out at home. Ongoing support is available as and when required.

The consultation is carried out in a separate private room.

The above services are not exclusive to Debonhair Clients and all will receive a warm welcome.



Debonhair is delighted to announce that we have just achieved the My New Hair Qualification

Mynewhair is the pioneering new charity founded and inspired by Trevor Sorbie MBE.

We provide public advice, and support a national network of independent salons and professionals who provide a wig styling service for people suffering from cancer and medical hair loss. Importantly, each of these professionals have approached us personally. They pledge their commitment to responsible training and provide a caring and respectful service for their clients.


Your Testimonials

- Some of Our Satisfied Customers-



Debonhair made purchasing my wig a pleasure, the personal attention I received was fantastic.As to the wig i have worn it for 2 full days and find it very comfortable and of a good quality. I recommend Debonhair and would not hesitate, should the need arise, to use their services.


Loosing your hair is very stressful and embarrassing usually the result of chemotherapy. I am very happy a friend recommended Debonhair to have a look at wigs. It was dealt with kindness and sensitivity. No pressure to buy and I could try on many wigs as I wanted to. Wearing a wig gave me back my confidence, I thanked Debonhair for all their help


I was exceedingly happy with the advice I was given from Debonhair in regards to my wig. I got a fright when after a troublesome time my hair started to fall out. My immediate thought was that a wig was necessary. Debonhair where I have excellent care with my weekly appointment rose to the occasion and were extremely helpful in guiding me to the style, colour extra of wig I required. I purchased one very reasonably with which I was very comfortable in the mean time, my hair has settled down without any future hair loss so my wig has stayed in the box but I am very relieved to have it in an emergency , in case the same should happen again. I would recommend anyone who requires a wig to visit Debonhair where I know they will be give the best possible advice


Wonderful service. I was made to feel really good in my wig. I had masses of choice and help in selecting the right one. My wig arrived within a few days. I would highly recommend Debonhair.


Wonderful service. I was made to feel really good in my wig. I had masses of choice and help in selecting the right one. My wig arrived within a few days. I would highly recommend Debonhair.


I decided to purchase a wig as my own hair was falling out due to medication. As a client of Debonhair I took their advice and ordered a wig made of artificial hair from a catalogue. When it arrived my stylist was most helpful in showing me how to fit it and at the same time checked the length and the style. 


My experience at Debonhair was brilliant. Debbie made me feel very at ease and spent plenty of time with me going through wig options. Once the wigs had arrived it was an unhurried appointment trying them all on to find the right one for me at the right price. The whole experience made me feel very comfortable with the situation I was about to face. I would recommend Debonhair in a heart beat.